If you're reading this, that means you've been stalking my page (which means we're basically besties already).

If you're reading this, that means you've been stalking my page (which means we're basically besties already).

Hi, I'm Livv!

I am seriously so happy you're reading this...

I am here for all the giggles, candid and LAID BACK moments. Posed images (in my opinion) are amazing for grandma and grandpa but I want the REAL & RAW stuff, lets bring the images back to life so you and your partner can relive the moments years from now. Butterflies & all. Lets have fun, relax and take in the moment because it goes by way too quick. 

I am a huge believer in doing things exactly how you want it. I've come in contact with a lot of couples who think the traditional way is the way to go to make others happy, and then they end up so overwhelmed and thousands in debt. Y'all there is no right or wrong. You wanna huge wedding? Do it. Wanna hike 10 miles and elope off the cliff side? Do it. Wanna stop at the courthouse and get tacos after? Do it( as long as I get tacos too). I love all the things if they make you as a couple happy. Thats what i'm here for(: 

A little about me:

FUN FACT #1: I've owned a camera since I was 13 and 4 years ago I decided HEY why not make a business out of the thing I love most: taking photos and capturing love.

FUN FACT #2: I met my soulmate on Tinder and 80% of my couples have too. How CRAZAY?!

FUN FACT #3: I am obsessed with home decor and new girl

2 year later, lots of tears, screams, and margs, here I am! Fueling my soul with my passion and making so many amazing new friends along the way. So welcome to this crazy life of mine and let's HANG!

All the love in the world,



" I reached out to Livv about boking her for my wedding and I had my mind made up instantly. I had been in touch with several other photographers especially with the huge investment but I had no doubts and booked her 2 days later. She is innovative and so passionate about not only her job but her couples she works with" 

"When I received my pictures I was absolutely blown away by her talent, the quality and the editing was so professional and beautiful. Olivia is such a beautiful soul and hard worker you can tell she pours her heart out into everything she does! I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Olivia."

"Livv captured exactly what I wanted in my session. Everything I sent her and aimed for. The background, the spots we used, the laughs and smiles and intense expression, the EDITING SKILLS - all there and all flawless."